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Who We Are?

Mitraa Solutions is one of the rising IT solutions providers in India with new innovative thinking and best field experts to help businesses and societies flourish.

Our abiding endeavour is to provide customized software solutions to suit all your business requirements and with the best returns on your investment. Our comprehensive portfolio of products and services includes website development, software solutions and search engine marketing services, amongst others. All our processes are geared towards producing the best products/services in terms of best quality, functionality, and affordability.
For us developing software is not just writing code, but it is an "Art" to transform your imaginations into beautiful software.

The firm is registered as a Proprietary, having the office at Ahmedabad(India) and established in July 2012 for providing various IT solutions by owner Rushi Pandya.

If there is any information you need that you cannot find on the website, please do not hesitate to contact us through the Get in touch feature of the website.Thank you again for you interest in Mitraa Solutions.

The Meaning

"Mitraa" is one of the twelve names of the 'Sun' in historical Indo-Aryan language "Sanskrit", and also "Mitraa" means 'Friend'.

If we follow "Yajurveda" (chapter 36, mantra18) we will find very beautiful lines, that inspire us to frame a different perspective towards Our Vision, Mission, Values and make us think How we do it.

मित्रस्थ हम चक्षुक्षा सर्वाणी भुतानी समीक्षे । मित्रस्य चक्षुक्षा समुक्षा महे ॥

means "we look each one eyes of same, may we look on all beings with the eye of friend." for us it's "Let's look each and every type of project with same sincerity even if it is small or big, it should not matter whether you are our first time customer or already part of Mitraa family".

How We Do?

We will listen carefully, respond quickly, and strive to deliver the best products and services as your expectation on decided deadline.

Our Company Vision

We will be an Ethical Organization with touch of "Humanity" and "Superior Business Value".

Our Company Mission

Develop and Deliver unique software products and services that excel in execution and ensuring total customer satisfaction.

Our Company Values

Priority to customer satisfaction, Maintain Transparency, Equality, Innovative Thinking help us to found new way where others see dead end.