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HR software systems

At Mitraa Solutions we've been developing best On Demand/Customized HR software systems. We know that while HR management can sound deceptively simple, it usually isn't. That's why our HR solutions go well beyond simplistic HR databases to provide a smarter, better, secure, faster but still simpler way for you to manage your people.

Some Key Capabilities of our HR Software systems are Employee Profile, Admin Modules, Leave Management System, Time Management System, Payroll Management, Loan History Management, Employee Transfer, Promotions Increments, Employee Bonus, Employee 360 Appraisal, Training Management, Medical, LTA Reimbursement,Recruitment Process, Assets Management, HRD Procedures, Reports (Company, Loan, Payroll, Recruitment, Employee, Leave Attendance, Appraisals, Training)

Even after all this Key Capabilities our HR Software systems are simpler ever because of Features like.
Included Templates, Automatic reminders, Highly Flexible Systems, Wizardsto make tasks easy, Remote access, Staff File Manager, Training Videos ect.

And because of all this you will get the information you need with just one click while doing Multi-tasking and you can make maximum use of data you already have. Just "Take control and get the best."

This is just an overview of our "on demand HR software systems", we can add or remove Features as per your requirement and built it with what is best for you.