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5 Jun

Coming soon, News and Update Application for LDM & NCMG.

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Coming soon, News and Update Application for LDM & NCMG.

As you all are aware that Mitraa Solutions is providing e-branding support to L. D. Museum & N. C. Mehta Galley from this year.

Under e-branding project we are launching social media pages (like Facebook, Twitter) and Informative mobile application for museum. Due to the amazing support from museum family, we are proud to announce that all these branding tools are working fantastically and serving their purpose in best possible way.

E-branding is nothing but a way to connect with people on different kind of virtual platforms. It is useful in reaching targeted audience and keep them updated about your activity. Keep younger generation connected with you, who are more computer savvy and create a platform for expert and subject lovers.

After studying statistics of L. D. Museum & N. C. Mehta Galley Facebook ( & twitter (@ldmuseum), and mobile application use, we found that there is a huge class of follower who keeps their eyes on news and update of museum. For them, soon we are launching new mobile application called 'LDM & NCMG News and Update', as our previous mobile application this application will also be easy to install and user friendly. But this application will be small in size (less than 2MB) with push notification. It will thus not take more space in your device and inform you about news update via alerts.

We also launched an official museum blog. It is not that active yet but already popular among subject experts. This coming application will not only update you about news and updates but also inform about recent activates on museum blog page.

Primarily application will be available for Android device and BlackBerry10 mobile devices via Google Play, BlackBerry World, Amazon App Store and Opera App Store for official download.

Tentative launching date for mobile application will be 15th July 2017. We will keep you updated about current status of application development and launching.

Links to download L. D. Museum & N. C. Mehta Galley Informative application :

FYI: L. D. Museum is first Indian museum available on Blackberry Platform officially, and first Indian museum launch of informative mobile application for cross platform.